Control of environmental factors

  • Monitoring and atmospheric emissions;

  • Instrumental and biological monitoring;

  • Noise and vibration analysis;

  • Electromagnetic field analysis;

  • Non-ionizing radiation analysis;

  • Ionizing radiation analysis;

  • Instrumental evaluation of pushing and pulling force;

  • Predictive climate and noise impact assessments;

  • Building energy certifications;

  • Drafting thermal system design and report under Law 10;

  • Passive acoustic requirements of buildings DPCM 5/12/97;

  • Architectural and technological systems designs;

  • Periodic inspections of technological systems;

  • Periodic inspections of electrical installations;

  • Grounding system verifications;

  • Verification of lightning protection systems;

  • Verification of lifting and carrying equipment;

  • Verification of pressure systems;

  • Airborne pollutant analysis;

  • Wastewater and drinking water analysis;

  • Waste Management;

  • MUD processing and preparation;

  • Carrying out surface swabbing – HACCP;