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Gender equality

Gender equality policy

HSEGAS – Environment Safety Management adopts, implements and maintains a management system that ensures gender equality, valuing the diversity present in the roles working in the Organization and ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities for personal growth

The Organization believes that the development of a cultural model that promotes gender equality, in addition to generating “social value” appreciated in the economic context, constitutes an enhancement of management strategies to ensure continuous performance improvement founded on talent and sustainability in the long run.

For this reason, HSEGAS – Environment Safety Management is committed to:

  • To realize an inclusive environment with training, information and awareness-raising actions on issues of equal opportunity and women’s empowerment;
  • Create a meritocratic culture based on evidence of achievement and free of discrimination of any kind;
  • Managing all stages of the personnel life cycle by encouraging the principle of equal opportunity and meritocracy;
  • supporting and communicating gender equality to stakeholders, suppliers and external collaborators, to reiterate the importance of the commitment made by the Organization, with the goal of having an increase in its value network and being a reference point for other businesses;
  • prevent abuse and harassment through appropriate reporting systems in order to identify and correct them.

This document is constantly reviewed at periodic Top Management reviews and is addressed to all HSEGAS – Environment Safety Management working resources In addition, it is shared with all key stakeholders, suppliers and customers, and is available on the company’s website, in order to give greater prominence to its value network and be a point of reference for other companies.

The Gender Equality Steering Committee is responsible for its implementation.

Gender Equality Management System
UNI PdR 125:2022