Who we are


HSEGAS – Environment Safety Management intends to represent, taking into account its cultural, technical and scientific heritage, a forum for discussion on theapplication and experimentation of new methods and models of calculation and management of “risk,” and on the enhancement of the most significant experiences gained in various fields that may affect the recipients of the services offered such as: industry, crafts, trade, health care, agriculture, construction, services, etc…

our focus

Customer synergy


The company aims to be an organic and structured point of reference for all those private and public companies, which, according to size and production type, are compulsorily faced with the difficulties that the timely implementation of Health, Safety and Environment regulations entail by simplifying their fulfillments focusing on the importance of workers’ health and well-being as a key factor of efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

The actions are

developed through direct consultancy in the field at the client’s premises, also supported by study seminars and/or specific workshops that enhance professional experiences, new design studies and technological innovations in a context correlated by the dynamism of regulatory transpositions that characterize these areas.