Occupational Safety


Consulting and risk assessment in the field of occupational safety

  • Support in defining the organizational chart of safety responsibilities to the Employer, with the preparation of a function chart of delegations and assignments;

  • Business risk analysis and assessment and related improvement plan;

  • Engineering to secure environments, equipment, machinery and technological facilities;

  • Organization of safety at temporary and mobile construction sites;

  • Safety in labor administration and management of contractors and laborers;

  • Emergency management, firefighting and major hazards Assumption of duties as Prevention and Protection Service Manager, Qualified Expert, Design and Execution Coordinator and related figures;

  • SGSL safety systems UNI – INAIL 2001;

  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Systems;

  • Health and Safety System Design and Management;

  • Conducting Health and Safety System Control Audits;

  • Assistance with Health and Safety system certification;

  • Maintenance plan management and Asbestos Manager;

  • Internal and external Prevention and Protection Service;

  • Development of safety procedures and operating instructions;

  • Analysis of the accident phenomenon;

  • Fire prevention;

  • Machinery Directive “CE” Marking;

  • Safety management organization models Legislative Decree. 231/2001, as amended;

  • Relations with Supervisory Bodies;

  • Relational support for union parties to Workers’ Safety Representatives.