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Integrated policy

The company’s management is committed to a policy that places the customer at the center of activities, considering as a priority those aspects related to the performance of activities that impact the environment and the health and safety conditions of workers.

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety

Our commitment

The company

The MISSION of the organization is TO DEVELOP THE “CULTURE OF PREVENTION,” and thus to promote Health and Safety as a social value.
The Management of HSEGAS – Environment Management Safety, in this regard, has implemented and maintains an effective Quality, Environment, Health and Safety System suitable to ensure the quality level of services and performance, to ensure compliance with applicable standards and laws, and to meet the specific expectations of the Client.

Excellence in the quality of services rendered to customers is the driving force.

Equally important are aspects related to environmental protection and resource optimization in order to improve quality and environmental performance.
Equally important is the attention paid to the various “stakeholders,” primarily internal staff and suppliers, who are key elements in helping to provide quality service to the customer who is the entity to whom all our attention is directed.

The environment, quality, health and safety policy is based on some fundamental guiding principles:

  • Act with flexibility, a sense of responsibility and professional ethics;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations;
  • Ensure continuity of work;
  • Managing aspects that impact the environment;
  • Carrying out one’s work with passion.

The direction of HSEGAS – Environment Management Safety watches over the correct business procedures always demanding the timely implementation of the dictates set forth in the company’s quality manual; organizes and promotes every prevention and protection protection; identifies any criticality of processes internal and external work, striving to identify ready solutions that are, however, preliminarily tested before they are made operational.


  1. Analyze the internal and external context, including the nature the size and environmental impacts
    Of its activities and services;
  2. Analyze stakeholders’ needs and expectations in order to assess business risks to bring out measurable and assessable improvement opportunities for prioritizing interventions;
  3. Analyze, understand and meet the needs of its Customers;
  4. Ensure environmental protection through management and control over applicable legislative compliance;
  5. Consistently adopt an innovative approach;
  6. To foster continuous improvement in the level of quality of the processes managed and environmental performance;
  7. Involve all stakeholders in the continuous improvement process;
  8. Sustain an internal climate based on collaboration and enhancement of the abilities of all employees.
  9. Constantly pay attention to environmental and safety issues in the workplace.

In addition, in order to better evaluate all of the above, HSEGAS – Safety Environment Management has seen fit to introduce an Annual Quality PAQ Plan that contains the Opportunities for Improvement arising from the risk analysis, Quality Indicators, and the Improvement Plan containing business objectives. These “indicators” are periodically reviewed (at least once a year) during the Management Review and are the Performance Evaluation tool and the basis for setting new quantifiable goals.
Management is confident that it can count on the cooperation of all staff and associates to achieve these goals.